Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

I would imagine why not many in the Philippines are unaware of the impact the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto has in the American campaign to spread democracy in the middle east as well as their way on terror. We have problems of our own. But America, the self proclaimed ruler of the world, sees things differently and the latest news on the American frontpage has Benazir Bhutto all-over.

Mind you, I do understand that not many respect America’s presence in the mid-east, much more that they bring with them their capitalism and globalization which is translated to be the looting of their natural resources.. mainly, oil. But Bhutto was bigger than all of these. She was a woman supported by the people in a region still predominantly considered sexist. She was a muslim, but she represented a secular party, and was on the right path to bridging warring philosophies in her country. Foreseen to win the Pakistani elections come January, she would’ve also been one of the few people who could’ve mediated between the west and east.

Bhutto wanted to be an instrument of peace in a region already brimming with civil war, she ends her life as a sorry victim of those who would like to prevent this from happening.  I am one to admire her courage and bravery not many, certainly, would ever come close to.

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