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Because we are on the internet most of the time, it is not new to us to find companies that service for design or hosting. But where you are faced with HongKong’s leading hosting company, you’ve got to give it a look. I guess the real reason why I dropped by was because I wanted to know what they were doing right. The blogger that I am, I kinda like to learn the trick of the trade even by just observing. does several things right that contribute to its success.

First I checked out their Website Builder 4 Free Trial. One would notice immediately that it is a free trial and anything that sounds FREE is always good to hear. Looking at it, one would notice immediately the Chinese characters, or question marks if you dont have the language installed. Of course this only tells us that they have a very wide base in both China and the rest of the world. But more that this it is important to note that the website is easy to navigate and user friendly. One would never get lost inside, the fonts are huge and their language is easy to understand. No deep geeky words used here.. a good strategy if you ask me, that they know for a fact that those who probably know the language of the industry are those who are trying to get the same customers. Business speaks another language.. and that is whom they speak to.

A Website Solution Web Hosting is another of their features. If you check it out, you’ll find its aspects a worthwhile treat. Among them – Optimized Apache server – 4 layers anti-spam, anti-virus filter, including greylisting, RBL(s), and SpamAssassin antispam, support for 64 domains, including IDN/Chinese domain, A site builder which includes 500 designs and multiple modules for DIY web building. Also a multilingual Webmail systems supporting a large mailbox and, of course, the 10-day free trial. You should drop by.

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