Blogging and the Geeks

Pagerank is a 1 to 10 ranking that gauges how much geekiness your site has. For the most part, it’s why you’re fat, ugly, smart and somewhat sexually challenged. The internet is your niche, it’s your hang out. It is a replacement for your lack of parties. It is in the internet that you rub elbows with your fellow geeks and talk about your latest warcraft game …where you “killed it!” It is where you talk about Google’s plans to make a millionaire out of the first person to bring a rover to the moon, and begin a new space age!

Well, while you’re out there making money for all your computer rooms (aka. command center!), allow me to teach the non-geek world how you get all those gadgets by sitting at your mom’s basement – blogging. It’s practically the most boring hobbies of geeks. They find silliness in what already consumes man. An unproductive schema from which they’ve evolves. Blogging is sooo 1990 for them. But they do know that dumb people will continue to pay for valued pagerank when my friend can actually tweak bite sized bytes for me to over take the millions of other people who are yet to know what SEO means.

So to you, men of the Jedi council, I salute your patience to mankind. May you continue to serve us with those pop up things that remind me, you are gods! You can rule the world with the click of a mouse, but you do not because you are pure in heart. You are people-pleasers. Smart, nice people!

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