Cheers to the New Year

As New Year comes around it’s always been a tradition in our family to have a toast. More than the fireworks that we find in several Asian countries, the toast is probably the most important for our new year. It is here that we celebrate a new beginning while thanking the blessings of the past. Needless to say, the drink is just as important as the toast. So when it came time to shop for the family’s “holiday cheer,” I browsed around the internet to see what new thing I may add to this year’s toast.

I came across the site Absinthe Original, a store selling different types of absinthe drinks. Knowing little of the drink, I researched it in the net and found it be one of the more drinks famous ones of old drank by Hemingway and Van Gogh among many others. I also found it to be part of a traditional Czech ritual where sugar is dipped into the absinthe, set to flames and then stirred into the drink when caramelized. I instantly realized that I’ve found it, probably the cool new toast I was looking for.

Luckily, Absinthe Original is an online store for absinthe drinks as well, and from the way it looks, they’re safe as well having been in the business since 1996 selling a variety of the liquor and in gift sets as well. For some of you, especially those who do their research, you might find absinthe to be banned in the US (which probably explains why I know so little about it), but then, if you go through the FAQs page of the website, you’ll find that absinthe has been shipped into the country by the website over the years. I say you check out the website for any clarification you might need but from what I’ve seen, I think I already have what I need to say cheers to the new year.

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