Discover the Boy Bastos in You

It’s enough that the news of Boy Bastos had once existed in the net; he makes a very good example for me to talk about while filling these pages with Little Lupe videos. If you do not remember, or if you do not know anything, the website Boy Bastos was a target this year of a senator who condemned it for being a porn site. But where the country does not have any laws that would incriminate its owner to any crime, many people raised their eyebrows and considered the act mainly as another media promotion for a soon-to-be electoral candidate.

My eyebrowse weren’t particularly arise at that point, but t was more crumpled than usual. Now I am already not someone to watch Little Lupe clips on the net, but I do respect its existence. Afterall, we do not live in a blind environment anymore. Sex is a normal part of human endeavor. If you forget religion, and did away with marriage, fornication as we call it would exist without a sense of insult. What’s bad about sex is when it is connected with abuse. It is just like any other crime involving trafficking, battery, child labor – all of it is abuse.  It would be a crime if Boy Bastos was related to any incident involving sex trafficking, which it was accused of. But no… it was just a part of propaganda.

Now you might be thinking, who is Little Lupe? Well, I’d say she’s pretty much the same woman you see on Boy Bastos’ former page.. one that’s already closed now. If you’re the type who appreciates such things, you can thank me later.

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