Do You Know Your Credit Cards?

Yep, that’s the question alright. Do you know your credit card! An unorthodox query, but relatively beneficial at that. There are things you may not know about your credit card that’s hindering you from being free of debt, or maybe burdening you from all those extra charges you see on your credit card bills.

Fortunately, the best info about credit cards are available at, a cool resource site that talks about the many things you can and cannot do, the benefits and the non-benefits, and the advantages and disadvantages of your credit network. (hence, the name.. duh!) I lurked around their site and found it to be really comprehensive. Upon which, being a Bank of America card holder, I immediately jumped on to what they had to say about it. I found out that I can get trips and reward points from using it, and that they have a high rating with regards to low interest rates. They already tell you these things in the bank, but over there, they all sound like marketers. =P

So, I ask again, do you know your credit cards? If not, maybe you should drop by and check it out yourself. Their site is comprehensive and, honestly, I dont think I’ve seen anything like it. They even have resources about how credits cards vary based on interest rates, instant approvals, rewards, cash back, student credit cards and many more. They even have a resource for hotel and airline credit cards.

I know, cool huh?!

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