Do You Need Hair?

It is a story known to most to people – the tale of the receding hairline – an accepted part of age, with another reason to ask our parents what other genes have passed on to us that we will most likely not appreciate. But there is a growing populace of people that will soon need a hair transplant who may unknowingly be causing themselves their own baldness. Over at, I learned that those who take supplements for weight loss or muscle building might be liable for baldness.

In the article Nutritional Contributions to Hair Loss, found in the same website, it was stated:

It is an unfortunate irony that many “nutritional” products people take to improve their appearance have the side effect of causing them to go bald. They then lose their looks in a new way, adding to their appearance problems.

This after listing down some supplements that cause hairloss. If you’re ever taking fat burners or diet pills, creatine protein shakes or growth hormone supplements, you may be at risk for baldness. I concur with what the article says, basically, that people may be trying to cause ugliness on other parts of their body as they try to create a better look for themselves. Quite ironic really, but I also find it incompetent that such findings aren’t talked in the open. I go down the gym and I find all these shakes being purchased by people who wanna look good. Little do they know, they might be doing harm in some other way to their body.

Now I do not know what explanation lies about baldness relative to supplements but I can recommend that you drop down the site,, in order to gain more information about it. As you can see, I found the site to be really informative. They offer more articles relating to hair loss and how they can help. I also recommend the site for those who might be experiencing hair loss right now. has a 3-step procedure posted on their website that you can check.. or if you wanna call them, they have a 1-800 number as well. It’s good to keep tabs of things, especially those that might affect you 5 years down the line. I’m saving this number!

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