Donate to Boat Angel

If you have a boat in your home that you are no longer using, or if you are thinking of giving it away for a donation or anything like that, I suggest you guys send your boat donations to Boat Angel. They accept charity boat donations in exchange of giving FREE dvd’s to kids. From what I understand, Boatangel receives boat donations and resells them to be able to create and distribute animation dvd’s for kids without any charges. I think this is a worthwhile cause that you can join especially if you have a boat stuck in your lawn.

If you dont have a boat however, as not all of do enjoy the waters, I think one way for you to help their cause is by ordering the dvd’s they make. Of course, I think they are free but from where they are doing it for a cause, maybe you could drop them a line and ask whether you could pay for them as well. You can preview their projects at …the video above is just one example of what BoatAngel does for our kids. More than this, they’ve also made an AntiDrug documentary at and it stars skateboard legends Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi, world champion Dennis Martinez and Bruce Logan. It follows their quest for fame to their fall at the hands of harmful drugs and finally to their final recourse of redemption. I suggest you guys check it out as well. They have a 5% overhead.

But really what this boils down to is giving to a cause that truly helps our less fortunate. If you check out the website, basically the links on this article, you’ll find out more about what they have to offer and I truly, truly, truly hope that you support them!

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