On Charice Pempengco’s Performance

She was on The Ellen Degeneres show, a prime show on prime time, seen by uhm.. y’know.. millions (but, I dont know, it might be rigged again). Needless to say, you bring a Filipino on that stage whatever the talent; it doesn’t matter who it is – Manny Pacquiao, Gloria Arroyo, Boy Abunda, Cardinal Sin, Jose Rizal, Lapu-Lapu – we’ll bring it!

Charice fit the part. She spoke with an accent and had that “twang.” The western world loves that, it makes them more appreciative when they have a stereotype in their heads. Ellen promoted the stereotype when she implied that the Philippines must be different from the United States. Who am I to contend.. if Ellen tells me I’m white, heck, I’d start listening to country!

I started laughing when Ellen got the microphone and turned it on. I was thinking something controlled by the sound tech; something more Oprah! At least it did not have wires.

I laughed again the moment Charice walked out of the monitor… probably a director’s nightmare. It did seem for a moment that the crew did not know what they were doing – the production assistant hanging from the bleachers suddenly stood up, and he walked aback when he saw himself on camera. For some reason the wires were being pulled back as well; like there was a way to fix it. In time though, the crew seemed to have gotten the hang of Charice’s sooper-performance. And then Charice walked back and forth. Yay! You go girl! Charice rocks!

Charice was impeccable. There aren’t many words to describe it but impeccable sounds meaningful enough; worthy of a standing ovation. Ending in the place where she was supposed to be if not for her own blocking, her young tears were priceless; her hugs, sincere; her thanks, genuine. I like this girl..

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