Flogas Review

Came across a cool website today called Flogas, one of the largest Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) suppliers in the UK delivering gas cylinders to their customers for a variety of uses – heating, cooking, farming, powering vehicles, patio heaters, outside barbecue grilling, etc. Where they have over 1000 product lines, you know they’re exactly the company you need for your LPG-related needs. They also offer energy to a business clientèle which really makes them the preferred choice, and an inviable one at that, of gas supplier in the country.

As far as the website is concerned, I’d say that it is professionally designed and very conducive for business. They have a logo that’s unique and relevant to their company. They have a background that’ informative enough but doesn’t look too imposing. You can also create an account on their page which is really great as far as getting to know their customers. You can also buy online which really is the basis for a good e-commerce site.

As far as accessibility, the website is easy to navigate and I noticed that almost everything can be accessed from the main page. Couple that with a site that doesn’t look dirty, and I’d say they are achieving something. If you scroll down to the footer you’ll see more links to various pages of the site. They even have pages related to environment, oil, legal and others. They even info about their cylinders. So, as you can see, I only have good word to say about this website. They have a good business and a good online presence.. kinda like the stuff you’d wanna support.

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