Free Business Card Creator

The coolest thing about spending lots of hours online is that you often come across websites that are worthy to talk about. I mean, with so many websites out there offering insignificance in return for your money, I almost find myself amused when I see one that I actually appreciate. Today that would be – a website that, from the name itself, sells logo designs and business cards for your website or company. When you think about it, maybe because I am a blogger and very much immersed in the idea of detail in design, there aren’t much websites that really have a logo that you can consider professional. Just by lurking in the blogs you often find logos that are almost unnecessary – you’ve gif logos, logo of all sorts of letters – they’re all very basic and I think that it provides a bit of distaste to customers.

Checking out I first sought there samples and, I must admit, it looked really good. You can have a custom logo design for a price or try and make one within minutes with their free logo and business card creator. You know how sometimes you find a company that has a different logo on their website than in their business card? I dont want to name any (but there’s one in mind, a pizza place! haha) I think this would be some that benefit to those kinds of companies. You have to check out the site in order to find out how cool their services are. I think you should drop there right now!

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