How A 1-800 Number Helps Your Business?

For those who plans to run their own home based business, the practical way is to put up a website, avail of online payments from your bank, and get a 1-800 number. The reason for this is simple – your market is often from within your surroundings, this is instantly a captured market if you know what you’re doing. However, there is always the whole world you can sell to. The three features help in so many ways. A website will reach your customers (and that’s easy to set up coz most of them is free). The same goes for you to avail of online payments through your bank; usually you can even set it up from your computer.

So the question remains, what about those 1-800 toll free numbers. How do you get one? How do you know if it is right for you? What features are you looking for?

To get one, the best things for you to do is find a prepaid toll free number provider such as ..They offer instant activation with no contract. Basically, this means that, you are not tied with them for any specific time, you can cancel the service anytime. You should also check out to have your own toll free number, you know those companies with a 1-800-YOURNO type of number, it’s good to set something like this because it not only look professional, it can also be a way for you to create marketing for your business. It’s always good to take advantage of any free marketing you can have for your business, why dont you let your 1-800 number do some of it, right?

Over at, they also offer first-time sign ups with 60 mins free credit. That’s as good as a trial since it is also not subject to any contract. It’s like giving you a free hour of call time. And if you already have your own toll free number and it’s not yet routed through any service, you can transfer a toll free number to without any charges to you. As far charges, a flat rate of 3.9 ยข/min applies anywhere within U.S. 48 states. The service also includes call/fax forwarding to anywhere.

Overall I think the site is a great provider of a toll free service for your business. It has a great design, a well-developed easy to understand interface, includes a free trial, and all the information you need or any questions you may have will be answered in the website. It is a secure site that provides its customers with FAQs as well as customer testimonials. It’s very comprehensive. I suggest, if you’re thinking of getting your own 1-800 number, to drop by their site first and see what they have to offer.

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