Learn to Dance

There was a show some months back about called ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and it just gets you amazed at how people dance so cool and so well. At times I was wondering if I could dance like that, although I think I’m a hopeless case. But then for those who might want to learn Salsa, a chance might just be lurking in the internet for you. It’s called SalsaBootCamp.com and it’s an online school that allows you to learn salsa dancing.

I had mixed emotions thinking about the site because, initially, I felt that learning the salsa dance takes alot of work and I didn’t enrolling in an online class could do that job because, at least from my idea, learning to dance should be in a studio and not in your room, and involves moving your body in front of a mirror and not in front of a monitor. However, I do appreciate variety and I think that there are some cases where learning online would be better. Surely, not all people have the time to go to dance studios even though they are passionate about dancing.  There are probably guys out there who would wanna learn to Salsa to impress their dates, but are afraid of being embarrassed in the public. Then I’d say I support the idea of learning the dance online.

Now, to think that they offer a free trial is such a huge benefit because it allows you to gauge your chances in the program without shelling out money. I suggest you guys try it out and then just drop it if you think it’s not for you. Certainly all of us would wanna learn something new. And if dancing salsa is your passion, SalsaBootCamp.com offers you an alternative way to learn that’s fun and exciting, and, for the first three days… FREE! I say go for it!

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