Lotsa Things Running Through My Head

If you’re maintaining 3 websites and at least one of them acts up on a daily basis, you might as well forget blogging. There are three main responsibilities of a publisher and that’s to be his sites developer, updater, and marketer. So far I think I’ve already compromised the first and last of these three responsibilities; having only the time to do the second, and I don’t even know if that’s an actual word.

And the only reason why I am able to update my site is because I type fast. Yes, this is actually something I can brag about because I know that not alot of people can type as fast as I can. I dont really the rate at which I go but I’m beyond 200 long words per minute. How did I get this fast, well.. look at my blog’s content. That’s what helped me understand I can just type whats in my head and everyone would still care.

I’ve also decided to stop after the third paragraph, at least for this blog, and at least for the articles that I dont get paid for because there’s quite a limited number of people reading this. I would still say go to my social network www.khoops.com coz that would just make it easier for me to promote it. Darn, now I have to go back.

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