Make Money Online with Paolo Mendoza

Even now I sometimes recommend my friends to some other website when they ask me how they can make money online. Part of that is because I see myself nowhere near credible to tell them what to do. I do not like them to think that I am cashing on them because they know less.

But then, it’s also probably the reason why I feel guilty about not teaching them. Because, I know, if they go to some other resource, that they may be taken advantage of as well.

I once did a series on how people can make money online, and I see it good to have made 2 of products of that blog. Although, both of them have stopped blogging, the result of frustration from not having to earn.

Perhaps, that is the reason why I have attained some success in my blogging karir (coz it’s not a real career), I’ve put forth the effort to write first before earning. Money is a by-product of my passion.

Me.. passion.. writng?


Surely there are better writers out there. What I’ve proven from blogging though is that there will always be a market. As far as the money making market that’s haunting me right now.. well, I guess I should start a series on how to effectively make 2000 bucks from the internet.

Soon.. 😛

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