My Opinion on the Philippine Blogging Landscape

Blogging, or more generally, the making money online industry, experienced a boom in the Philippines this year. Here and there bloggers have sprung like.. err.. politcal killings. Some of the more talented ones were even able to make a name for themselves; trailed by their readers as they voiced their opinions and views, involved themselves in news and current events (often about politics, the prime pinoy soap opera), and dropped by parties, events, seminars, launches, dinners, premiere nights etc. Though I cannot rightfully say that the Philippine blogosphere has grown into the maturity that its western counterparts now have, I can say that it is walking on the right path.

Several issues had been raised across the Philippine blogging landscape; issues regarding credibility, accountability, blog groups, ethics, freedom of opinion, grammar (lolz!) ..practically all types shit related to why your blog is cool or, for the most part, why it isn’t cool. Basically, episodes of pinoy crab mentality or Simon Cowell syndrome – that it’s ok to be mean. (copyrights on that one!) In my opinion, most of these “issues” are simply brought by the way we try to understand things, proving what AMA students have known all along – a career in the internet isn’t as pathetic as you think.

And you Ateneans created jokes about them.. how dare you!?!

So while I consider this years’ frothing of lectures to be somewhat “yuck,” from an overall stand-point, I do think it’s healthy. It’s like driving a car for the first time. First you try to understand the gears and functions, slowly pressing on the pedal to start moving, then trying to pick up the pace. You try to ease your way through turns and curves, or hit the break and get a breather. Soon enough you start getting the hang of it.. then you enjoy the ride. And sometimes you crash and die!

Words of wisdom from your Philosophical Bastard! Yay! But really, everybody needs a round of applause for a job well done. I hope we get over whatever differences we have and be able to build a strong and mature Philippine blogosphere. Cheers!

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