My Bastardly Thoughts on those Asian Idols

Maybe next year we could have Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan judge the Asian Idol. And while I’m at it, let me add the Vietnamese judge as well for some Paula Abdul unorthodox-ness.

Indonesia did a job well done. Now let’s compare.. If the Asian Idol competition was held in Manila, Mike and Mau would’ve each received standing ovations, the front seats would’ve been filled with politicians, everyone would’ve worn a barong, and there would be a parade (oh no, just a motorcade). Yay! And then the Malaysian judge would be booed with every stupid remark he makes …just because he’s white!

My personal favorite was Mike followed by Hady followed Mau. Sure I would’ve voted for Mau if I were eligible but, from a personal standpoint, I really dont like diva singers. I prefer my songs to be sultry, sincere, and meaningful… just like Linkin Park! Lolz!

I’ve marked Hady ever since he beat Paul Twohill (who was my original bet in the Singapore Idol series). I follow these things as a random thing to watch the funniest idol contestants uploaded in Youtube, at some point you find yourself blown away by someone with talent.

I’d say Hady didn’t sing the best, didn’t look the part, wasn’t his best performance.. but let him have the prize. I’d let him bear the Asian Idol torch as a showcase of sharp accents, wrong grammar and mispronounced lyrics to a region westernized. A perfect representation all the more stressed by the website!

Congratulation Hady!


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