My Word on These Ratings

With the issue on these ratings frothing over YouTube and Philippine gossip tabloids, it’s hard not to talk about it. So basically I’ll just talk about what I think about the Philippine television industry as opposed to dropping my two cents on who I think cheated.  First let me say that Philippine television is already full of scum in what we see. I can only say that everything is magnified ten-fold in that which we dont. It’s not a new thing for us to hear about abused actors, it’s not new to us to hear about underpaid workers. It’s not new to us to hear about false reports albeit slanderous.

So really the question must be, what permits such things to happen? Are we so corrupted that we hide the issues with our smiles.  We speak one way and act towards the other. Is this a representation of how society is? OR are promoting something vile to them? Do we understand that, whether it is true or not, that people do try to game the system? I am not in a position to judge anybody or anyone …but what gives?

In my head I can think of three scenarios. First is the conspiracy, where one pays for the crime to blame it on the other. The second is that someone must’ve been caught in the act, but I dont think people are that stupid. The third is that it’s an honest mistake.. where we are all human and nothing is as it seems and everyone’s just over reacting. I can probably complain as a person who watches Wowowee about how the dresses of those women look slutty.. and all the other networks has to do is to make a big fuzz about it. I prefer #3 because I’d rather not believe anyone trying to make a fool out of me.

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