One More Post

When I started to blog I made it a routine to write everyday, in my blog or in some other way. That remains true to this day. I sometimes think that the moves I made in the past months may jeopardized myself to myself. Sure, I’ve felt like jumped onto another belief, the part where I write for robots. This payperpost thing and his social network thing seems to be far from my league. It’s too deep and I no longer have that time to write my bastardly posts. My parents asked me what’s next for this journey.. they too have encountered my burdens. Especially that I am awake when they sleep and awake when they’re awake. I almost do not sleep trying to take care of everything – I owe more people and do alot more for them nowadays. That includes advertisers, friends trying to learn to blog, and my own promotional tactics. So I guess it boils down to where I really stand.  Do I consider myself a sellout.. for your own conscience I would say ‘yes.’ At least that simplifies everything. As far as my personal, given that I’m a thinking person, I might go the other way. But where I intend to justify myself, I’d rather not. I will wait until I have proof. Until then I will write one post after the other, and reserve my precious hands for one more.

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