Paolo On Blog Achievements

It’s enough that my certificate for winning the Top Emerging Influential Blog of 2007 hasn’t reached my wall yet because of the vastness of the Pacific. Meanwhile the picture ‘cross my name in Basapa’s list of Top 2007 Pinoy Probloggers, where I got 30th spot, is actually my brothers’. Nonetheless, I still I think may be doing something right that granted me such titles. Ah the pageantry of it all..

My personal blog,, the domain I took no second-thoughts in buying because of the million other people that have my name, is now enjoying the spam it needs to make sure nobody catches my ill-gotten wealth. I keep it grammatically incorrect as a clue, I am broke again.

Instead I tell my real readers to drop by The Philosophical Bastard, my real blog, the one that started it all. It is here that I lambaste senators and religions using a plethora of commas and dots or, if you’re conio, ellipses.. (only, ellispes are supposed to be three straight dots, I often procrastinate after the second). It is where I proclaim “English isn’t Math” and where my paragraphs and sentences make the effort not to follow the


My blogspot blog is where the drama happens – it is where Peter Pan died and where Lydia fought a calamity.  For my less than normal posts, I have more than once found myself re-reading The Dozian Principle and how I tried to put it in wikipedia along with a fake autobiography. There’s also my series on the UAAP and the Ateneo-LaSalle rivalry, where I often injected episodes of man-to-man love rather than man-to-man defense. Lolz! And then that Call Center Conversation, where I sang to an agent. It continues to sparkle the household especially when any of those unsolicited phone calls drop by the house.

I could go on and on with why my blog continues to enjoy its readership but plainly, reading through, you’ll find it a gallery of political incorrectness. These are my triumphs; my glories. I am a post by post success of Darwin’s web mixed with Einstein’s time mixed with Marx’s manifesto mixed with Twain’s plain talk (and his racism). Oh, and did I mention, I’m a non-practicing atheist. That pretty much sums it up.

So what’s next for your Philosophical Bastard? Uh.. Well, there’s that social network I put up. Soon enough I’ll be blogging from as well. The hope is that my readers would be time-space-warped to it. Bum Shigi Shigi! I’m also trying to understand the Art of the Wiki for yet another domain, (yes, it’s spelled wrong coz I wanna leech off of its properly lettered counterpart.) That’s plan still in the works. It’s not as overwhelming as you think.. all of it is just text. Lucky for me, I type really fast.

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