Paolo on Custom Bedding

Because I used to work in a store, for more than a year, that customizes shirts, mugs, dogtags, pillows and many other things, I kinda know alot of what is needed to create those wondrous smiles on my former customers’ faces. Indeed it takes a nice design on a cool product thats affordable and doesn’t get tarnished quickly (or not at all). So when I came across this website on custom bedding, I had thoughts on what they’re doing, both right and wrong, which may be help them create a better business.

First of all, I think they have a good site that’s doesn’t look dirty. Needless to say, I think there’s always room for improvement. Looking at it, I was reminded of those mid 90’s websites which really needs a little bit of refurbishing by now. Nonetheless, all of what you need is the main page and I think that’s got to count as a plus. My design suggestion is probably something that could attract passing customers – it is important to note that your website’s homepage is your face to the online consumer. Besides this I only have commendations for this site. I think they’re services are unique and they will surely find a market for it no matter what.

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