Paolo’s Blog Routine

Blog management was my biggest problem this year.. or so it seems. While this blog,, enjoyed great readership, I veered away from my out of this world posts. I transferred to WordPress to separate it from its blogspot counterpart, The Philosophical Bastard, which resulted in my audience’s confusion as to what my real blog was. And while this was happening, I put up a social network called furthering my readers disenchantment.

I kinda knew this was gonna happen, but where I planned to use these blogs for reviews, I really didn’t mind. I wanted to transfer my blog from personal to business. By separating them, I now had two PR4 sites that put cash in my pocket. The plan was to put up another personal blog, one that would never be turned into a business site, but I had to shove it off because of the busy season. Instead I put up a group in my social network and blogged from there.. a forum actually; the assurance that it would never be turned into another yucky marketing blog. Lolz!

But there remains an itty-bitty problem with me blogging in you cannot comment unless you’re logged in. *Insert Evil Laugh*The monopolist in me thought it’d be great to bring members in, but that too never came to be as I brushed aside all aspects of promotion during the holidays. Leaving my blog in a suffering state of decay, at least until my return.

I shall return to my bastard blogging ways come January, where I plan to go beyond my comfort zone and really start making a career out of it. If this year was any indication of potential, I think the blogosphere is one place I could thrive. But where my blogs are now rotting corpses of wrong grammar, I set benchmarks and goals to resurrect them.

Make no mistake, I plan to maintain more than five blogs this year. I bought a notebook and listen topics I could write about and scheduled a time of posting. Magazines do it like that; only, they have a team behind it. There’s just one me, but I dont really have to fill in hundreds of pages a month. Five blogs aside from two review blogs aside from a social network might sound sooo weird of me.. but what do you expect! You wont be reading all of them because I plan to diversify my audience as well. How that will come about? Well, let’s just say it’s all at the back of my head!

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