Post-Christmas Post

Being in another country may take away that genuine pinoy Christmas for us but where the family is together, we do not have any qualms about it. I kinda like the simple Christmas because it makes gift giving alot easier. I do not have a lot of gifts to give hence I have alot more for myself. This year my budget 40.00 per household member, which is to say alot more than usual. Lolz! My blogs earned it all for me too.. a true testament for my new found karir!

I got shoes for my both my brothers, a vacuum cleaner for my mom and a safe for my dad. I dont know if they like it but I got gift receipts as well so they could return it if they wanted (it’s as much a custom here to return gifts as it is to give). As far as what I got – a sweater from my parents, a 50-buck gift card from my brother and a Heroes season 1 dvd from my other brother. I could not ask for anything more than these. The techie that I am, the 50 bucks gift card is really something I can use – I had always wanted that Heroes season 1 dvd but I guess that’s taken cared off as well. I planned to buy Die Hard 4 but my brother bought it as well (for my dad) so I guess I’ll just look that movie, What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams next week. We’ll see…

For the noche buena. None of us wanted to eat but we still had that steak, mashed potato and mixed veggies. On Christmas morning we had daing na bangus, vigan longganisa, rice and pan de sal. Diet started the same day. I skipped all meals after breakfast, settling for chips at 4pm. I had already been on a 40 lb weight loss exodus this year, I only have to go 40 lbs more next year to go back to my ideal weight of 170.  Life is well.. all is well.. I am well. This Christmas was simple but indeed merry!

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