The Basics of Link Exchange

As a blogger, it is almost common for us to see blogs asking for link exchange. Some of us do it willingly, while others despise this act outright. Some of you, especially the new ones might be thinking of why people like to ask for a link exchange and that’s what I’m gonna talk about today. Indeed the process of link building is beneficial to bloggers. One, it gives them the opportunity to increase readers. You see as links are given, the spiders of the internet check them out and start to count as a vote for your page rank. The higher your pagerank, the greater chance of you to be found by internet surfers.

Reasons for trying to achieve higher search ranking is varied depending on a bloggers purpose. Some may want to attract more readers so that they sell more products, some may want to bring in more people because it increases their chances of earning, others may just want a good rank because it drives their ego. Imagine if one types a search query and your website comes up, surely this is ground for making more money online. It is a known fact that the internet is driven my commerce today more than any other aspect of society.

Another money making scheme you can do to increase search rankings is to buy text links. Text links or text link ads are basically a strategy where you buy links in order to increase your search ranks. So instead of going to a website and asking desperately of that “link exchange,” you can just drop by a website selling text links ads and purchase their services. Perhaps the only problem about this is that if you’re doing it for higher search ranks, you should probably be careful because Google, the biggest search engine in the world, is penalizing fraudulent search rankings. If you are penalized, you might just be doing the opposite of what you’re planning to achieve.

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