The Gift of Healing

It’s the first thing that greets you on their website – The Gift of Healing – matching serene landscapes of a blue sky smiling over hills covered in lush fauna. I thought it was for clever marketing, I didn’t know that was the exact place. The Canyon is a drug rehab and alcohol treatment facility in the Los Angeles area. It looks to be an elite place that really gives you a sense of peace; far from the prison that most drug and alcohol rehab facilities look like. I think it is a good way, to hasten recovery, that it is promoted through the environment as well. The Canyon really looks to be this place of healing it promotes itself to be.

As far as the website is concerned, I found it to be comprehensive and well-informing. Going around, you are not only given resources of what they offer but a complete run down of what to expect in their facility – there is an overview of what they offer including the facilities’ mission. Their alcohol and drug treatment is also specified which includes medication, detoxification and counseling. You may also be treated to a virtual tour of the place from their contacts page. But most of all, I think what’s really important about this website is its offer of help. I can tell you’ve got everything you need right here – it’s well designed and easy to navigate so you are sure to find anything you’re looking for. Why dont you drop by the website and see for yourself.

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