The Stone Hawk Facility

The name sounds to be from one of those 60’s movies where they make clones or mutants. But no, this facility is not anywhere near doing evil, and they’re certainly not a product of fiction. Certainly not from first impression. The Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center is actually a Michigan drug rehab facility. Sitting on 13.5 acres of land and fronting over 350 feet of water, I took it more for a resort than a drug rehab. Giving it a second thought though, I do concur with the descriptions on their virtual tour. Basically, that they provide a place for recovery. The place is beautiful and it does look peaceful. The rooms are spacious and the facilities even included gym, pool and sauna. I think people must be paying huge amounts to get into facilities like this. They even have a page for European visitors so you know, this has got to be the real deal right here.

And as I had been hooked to the site by my first impression, I found more time and browsed around it trying to gain more information about the services they had to offer. I took notice that the site is comprehensive and very easy to navigate. They have all the things necessary in one click – features, services, contacts. They even have a site map from when you find yourself lost. Reading through I also noticed this paragraph:

According to some estimates, every $1 invested in drug rehab programs yields a return of between $4 and $7 in reduced drug-related crime, criminal justice costs and theft. When savings related to healthcare are included, the savings can exceed costs by a ratio of 12 to 1. Additional savings to the individual and society come from significant drops in interpersonal conflicts such as workplace productivity and reductions in drug-related accidents.

This is when I took to the more serious part of drug addiction and the harm it causes to our society. I can say, drugs is not something very easy to conquer. Not by oneself at least. Sometimes we really need help and drugs rehabilitation centers such as Stone Hawk’s can provide that, and may even provide more, as it does not make their patient feel like they are in prison.

If you or any of your loved ones are ever in the face of this dilemma, drug or even alcohol addiction, I suggest for you to call the Stone Hawk facility today. They have several articles in their website that talk about what you’re going through, why you’re addicted, the types of addiction, the substances you can be addicted from, and what drug treatment you can get. They’re gonna be a lot of help to you and your plan to change. It surely convinced me, I hope it convinces you too. They’re only a 1-800 number away!

They also have a blog you can check at

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