Used vs Brand New Cars?

Unless you’re living in the stone age, cars are a valuable part of everyone’s lives, almost as a matter of life and death if you live in the country’s worst neighborhoods. It has become a primal necessity of the 21st century. But in your quest to search for wheels, the question might have popped in your head, would it be better to buy a brand new car or settle for a used car?

The practicality of it is simple, a car loses 20% of its value the moment it leaves the dealer store. Used cars are definitely more affordable. There’s also a whole bunch of websites right now selling used cars. Websites such as has more than 200,000 searchable used cars in their gallery, and you only have to use their car search to find one your eyes feasts on. It’s definitely cheaper than new ones too. MotorToday offers financing for those of you who may be tight on the budget. It’s a totally cool website, you’ll find several resources related to autos. Why dont you drop by!

Anyway, functionality-wise you might prefer one that’s new because it is expected to run smoothly, but then you cant rule out used cars with that as well. I think a cars lifespan depends solely on the one maintaining it. So I guess you can say that I would prefer buying a used car, why not?!

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