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I remember the first time the Iphone came out, or at least the Razr. People were excited about the newest phone offering the latest innovations available to technology. Indeed, we’ve been more than once promised that videos may be played on such phones, only, and we often find out for ourselves after we’ve already bought it, that such phones dont support windows based videos. We are left in distaste as we accept how clever marketing has once again gotten us and try to enjoy such phones even when we feel that it surely could’ve given us better service if only they packed it with what we truly wanted and not just what they want to provide us. If you own one of the phones I talked about, you know what I’m saying is true.

Luckily there are those companies that have thrived for lack of services that mainstream companies provided. One example of such company is, a website that provides videos in to your mobile phones in formats that are often not supported such windows. If you drop by their product site, you will find an array of videos that you can put in your phones with simple steps. They also have an official blog that can give you information as to how you can maximize their services. It’s also a cool way to connect with them.. if you ask me, I’d say you can probably take advantage of what they have to offer and tell them yourself through the blog. Needless to say, they also have a feedback page in case you do not want anyone to see your comments.

I’d say the website is very comprehensive while being direct to the point. Some website today often just have space fillers on their pages and it blurs their products and services altogether. does do that to you. It’s a nicely designed website that looks very professional, especially given the fact that they could reach out to as many as I realized fromĀ  their corporate site. This page basically provides information about Avot Media and the mission of their company:

Avot Media …delivers the high-quality mobile video streaming with rich multimedia experience under all wireless network conditions. The cost-effective solution enables the video content owners with their mobilizing strategies to deliver content to mobile subscribers efficiently and with high quality. Mobile operators have high revenue generating opportunity for the addressable market by serving web videos and ultimately increase their data access revenues, targeted advertising capabilities and user satisfaction.

So whether you’re out to just get their videos or take advantage of the benefits that they provide. I guarantee, you can rely on this website to provide it for you. You only have to drop by their website to find out for yourself.

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