Would You Put Your Parents in a Care Facility?

A good percentage of the country’s populace rely on care facilities to help them go on with their lives without worry of their loved ones. Coming from an Asian heritage, it is not normal to accept care facilities as a means to do away with the responsibility of caring for our elders. It is culturally embedded in us to extend the same care that our parents have provided us when we were young as a moral debt to when they get old. So while I accept the concept as a practical solution, when asked “would you put your parents in a care facility?” My answer would be a resounding “No!” I would never put my parents in a nursing home.

But what if you could bring the services provided from a nursing facility into your own home? Surely, that provides the practical benefit of expert service while maintaining that moral responsibility to be there. Over at BetterCaring.com, I learned that there is a service called Residential Care where an individual may be given the care he or she needs from under his roof. I also learned that within the guidelines given by agencies provided in the site, that financing can be given to those who may not in the best financial situation.

BetterCaring.com is a great find. Browse through the resource and see what care options are available to you, and arrange the proper care for your loved ones. There are also news, tips and views on their website updated daily from care experts. And, best of all, the site also runs a community forum for users to talk about their experiences with the care system. American bloggers might want to take a look at this.. especially those who, like my heritage, neglects the idea of others taking the responsibility of caring for their own.

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