Like Craigslist, only Better

Once in awhile, I do get the chance to critique a website that’s looking to be successful. Today, I’d put in that list – a website where everyone could place Free Ads. The immediate thing you get from looking at it is that it looks like an improved theme of ..that is, a Free Advertising site. I kinda like that they did that because it makes people understand the website instantly. I mean, if I were the owner of that site, that’s probably the best way to make sure people come back – that is, to make a site that’s a little like the mainstream, but better. Certainly creates the comparison with other Classified Ads sites.. which I think triumphs at.

I say this because everything you need is at the front page – the normal menu bar and sign up/log in links, a small line that say “100% free advertising,” a welcome note, a nicely designed search query – you’ve get everything you need at first sight of the page. I only base myself on three things when reviewing a site. That is design, navigability and content. All this have been met with great comprehensiveness if you ask me. If you’re asking about the content, well you’ll have to search among the different categories and see if you find what your looking for there instead of Craigslist. I’d prefer that site over it.


The problem with being in the construction industry is that there are too many people doing the same things – and, as with more people who value their jobs, they are competitive in doing it. And if you were to stay ahead, or at least in it, wouldn’t it be good if you could equip yourself with the skills necessary? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a resource that provides you with information as to how to go about certain things your manager or fellow co-workers may not tell you about? Well, dont fret, coz career development is what Cskills is all about.

CSkills is a website dedicated to providing its audience, mainly people from the construction industry, with the skills necessary to keep up. For people employed in or around the construction industry, CSkills is a good place to be informed on a range of topics such as how to become certified in your trade by 2010, or the latest health and safety legislations that’s been recently passed, and basically just how to help you grow in the construction industry.

If you drop by their website, you’ll find to be nicely designed and very easy to navigate. But of course I’d rest on the information they provide to say that they’re a site worth visiting. Why dont you drop by today.

Rugby, Anyone?

I kinda like being in the San Francisco – we’ve got our sunshine, our liberal minds and our football teams. However, one would still falter at the idea that, in other nations, people play the sport without helmets and paddings – Rugby – a contact sport so exciting they cant even call it football.. coz that’s where you kick a checkered ball to a goal.

Europe and Australia are big on this sport. They even have a rugby podcast you guys can check out with the 6 nations championship website called Participating nations for this tournament include England, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They’ve got all the latest news and updates plus tons of features including the podcast, an ezine, multimedia and others. I hope you guys check this site out. It’s really an eye-opening, gut-wrenching sight that sure to make you coming back. I’ve been a fan myself.. of France.

Why Are HolidayLED Lights More Efficient?

Now that the Holidays are done, we often just wrap our christmas Lights back in their bags and put them in the box to go up the attic or into the basement. And then we look at our electric bill in all grumpiness as we see it rise up to more than our budget. That’s not to say that next Christmas, we’ll be pulling those lights back down only to see a bunch of them wont light anymore. And, overall, you’ll end up buying another one. I dont think anyone deserves the hassle, especially coming from these lights. That’s why, today, I’m gonna refer you to a website that’s cool and cozy, and very handy when it comes to these christmas lights. It’s called is a website that basically sells LED lights, which is probably the most efficient of any kind of christmas lights. I say that because their products last for more than 50,000 hours; which is, to say, more hours than you’ll probably every need since you only use Christmas lights on a seasonal basis. For those of you who run businesses that go all-year long, this is absolutely great to have since you’re certain it wont die down weeks after you’ve climbed that 20 foot ceiling.

Another reason why the products of would be good for you is because, not only are they more efficient than standard incandescent lights, and extremely durable for year round decorations, they are also cost-effective. LED lights consume only .72 watts per bulb, which means one could light up and illuminate 2000 lights for 8 hours each day for an entire year and it would only cost you $45 in electricity. I’d say this is good for those who own huge lawns or business resorts or yards. You sure need to light those up especially in the dead of night. These lights would also be good with decks and fences or pretty much any type of outdoor lighting you’ll need. It’d be certainly good with landscaping or outside decorations.

Perhaps you should drop by the website and see for yourselves how their products could benefit you. products also come with a 40-day no questions asked return policy so you can be secure in your transaction. If you dont like it, you can simply give it back without worry. But best of all, and this what you can rest on to be certain that it’s a good buy, is that they provide a lifetime warranty. Well, that just means your business wont go out of lights for as long as you can afford the electric bill, which, as I said, only costs as much as what you spend in the movies for a year. So what do you think?

I say it’s a good buy.

Wanted: Army for World Domination

I was running around the internet this passed week (coz ’twas my new years resolution) and I’ve noticed some new cool blogs. Then I had an epiphany ..what if I put up a blogging circle with a purpose of helping each one gain wider readership:

At ano nanaman ‘tong pakulo ni Paolo?

  1. There has to be a formal blogging community – with defined members.
  2. A link list on the side bar of every participating blog containing links of all member blogs
  3. Join every mybloglog community, be a fan of technorati, and subscribe to feed
  4. Every week, a member of the circle will give me a link of their most interesting article
  5. Members will then have the whole week to digg and stumbleupon the article
  6. Participating blogs can copy the list every week and promote it in their blogs to improve members blog’s linkage.

At bakit naman..

  1. It’s a good way for those outside the country (like me) to get a sense of community. Or at least to participate.
  2. It will allow bloggers, especially the good ones, to reach out to a wider local (filipino) audience.
  3. By being Digged and Stumbled, we are able to reach out to an even wider audience… international! Lolz!
  4. Improves linkage.
  5. Makes me the famous asshole who thought about it.