2008, Anderson Cooper and A Vagina Bed

Because one of my New Year resolutions is to recognize those who maintain actual content in the blogosphere, I figured I’d talk about them every now and then – in a “this week in the blogosphere” sort of way. However, you do know I’m a spontaneous icon (yes, I’m an icon..) and I might just quit this endeavah anytime soon. So let’s see where this goes…

Obviously, NewYear’s filled the past week beginning with Doc Tess’ and PinoyBlogero’s blogdom recap – comprehensive, I must say – so I suggest you wallow in the past and check them out. While you’re at it, why dont you learn the lessons I learned this year as well. RAWR!

As far as resolutions, Chocomanik wants to organize her year and Billycoy wants some sexy time. BISEAN listed the unemployment rates of South East Asian countries so I’m hoping that’s a national resolution for the government/s; or else, we might have to endure more proofs of how life pranks us everyday. Lolz!

Also this week… some bloggers mentioned movies they’re waiting for this year. Among them were ZeroVoltage, Azrael, and well, for MMFF expectations, Carlo Vergara. Greater link-love goes to Chuckie D for getting rid of his dvd’s.

And while we’re talking about media/blogging… CNN’s baby face newscaster, Anderson Cooper, says he plans to blog more this year. A “yay!” for my sooper intricate feed account since he’s one of the few famous characters I’m subscribed to. I must admit, with the writers strike still ongoing, I had no chance but to switch to real news instead of my usual Stephen Colbert. At least Conan and Leno came back yesterday!

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Ah let’s see.. before I end this, I just wanna tell you my top 5 favorite posts of the week:

4 thoughts on “2008, Anderson Cooper and A Vagina Bed

  1. Waaaa! I am very honored the post about my vagina bed is featured here and you thought it was most memorable. I only come up with post like that once in a blue moon though.

    I’m glad that the late night shows are back. I love the Conan’s strike beard.

  2. …and im back..lol remember me? (i sound too devil-like lolz XD) juz kiddin’ moved urls but forgot to notify.

    I was interested that my idol (aka Anderson Cooper) would personally blog…but then i realized that it was the staff blog of his news program..that was i think a year ago…but this time I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the heads up. ^^

    Happy 2008, keep it up w/ ur endeavors.

  3. @saturn.. yep, Anderson Cooper did say he was gonna blog more and it looks like he’s doing just that.

    Happy new year. =)

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