A Flower Story

Now the the holidays are gone, the next occasion we’re looking forward is, of course, Valentines. But before I start writing articles on how to go about with dating or those silly anecdotes and one liners, I’d like to tell you about flowers and why I’m talking this early about it.

I’ve always found it hard to give flowers on Valentines because my girlfriend prefers those unique kind of flowers. The kind that would have you go other continents and pick it up yourself and dress it nicely. Often I would have to settle for something slightly the same, or slightly different, depending on how you look at it. Like last year, she wanted peach tulips which of course isn’t a February bloomer to begin with, but that peach isn’t readily available. So the nice boyfriend that I am, I made sure to scour all the flower shops in the area ..but to no avail. I had to settle with pink tulips – the lightest, most discolored of all, and called it peach. She liked it of course but I was guilty deep inside for not knowing where to get her preferred flowers (and that I had to lie!).

This year though, I promised, it wont be like the last one. Luckily she wants
roses, (or at least, has expressed the want for it) and I’ve got the coolest place to get it from. 1800Flowers.com is an online flower shop that, I must say, is very professional in the way they conduct themselves. It’s good enough that the site was well designed and easy to browse. Certainly those count for me as a first impression. I take sites that dont have good design skeptically. Supply-wise, 1800Flowers.com got tulips, roses, lilies and others. Even if you’re not in a rush to catching the month of hearts, you can keep it as a tab for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays. They also have Orchids and even Bonsai and that already gave me an idea for mother’s day (which would be in May!)


But the best benefit I see from this is that I can have it delivered. A few clicks of my phone and I’m sure I could have it delivered to her doorstep. And, the good thing about it is, that, for an online company, they even have customer service. That would be an email, a phone and a tracking service for your deliveries. Which really makes such things an awesome, no-hassle transaction. I love it!

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