Blogdrive: Project Lafftrip Laffapallooza

Catching Billycoy’s latest entry lured me to Badoodles’ search for the 2008 Philippines 10 Best Humor Blogs. Just for joining you can avail a prize of Nokia N70 Music Edition, Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, or 15,000 pesos.

I know. Sweet.

The most orgasmic part of it for me though is that it’s a contest that skips geekstuff and instead focuses on human content. Yay! So I urge everyone to join while we still dont know when it will end coz it might end soon…

And My Nominees Are:


2. Gagopolis

3. ChickenMafia

4. Billycoy

5. GreenPinoy


Your nominees dont have to be like mine. Check the rules and the sample entry. Also, the GreenPinoy links will figure out in my blogs twice more because the “I Love Greenpinoy” gallery is something I will feature in a single post (once I’ve submitted) and on weekend’s recap of cool posts. I encourage you to send your photos as well.

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