Discover Costa Rica

The people behind has a very good marketing plan – they want you to buy property in Costa Rica by first letting you discover how great a country it is and get a feel for yourself if you want to invest. Of course, it is only proper that every investor know a country’s political stability, environment, culture and see if it is viable to transfer or, in many cases, to invest in properties for business purposes (such as resorts). I think differs because it proposes itself as a resource site with, although primary goal of getting investors, seem to only be a by-product of featuring a sort-of travelogue.

The site is really a refreshing look as to what Costa Rica offers to outsiders. They’ve got basic information about the country, its people, language, climate and currency, and there’s a gallery of  several pictures as well. If you like it enough I’d say you probably will to check the listings they have as well. Properties are varied when it comes to prices, which you can also search ranging from your minimum to maximum budget. Their press site offer several other resources as to why and how you should invest in building real estate in the country.

Now, I’d say judging by what I know about the country alone and the impression it has in America (mainly, of a stable economy and high literacy rate), I’d say check out the site and go for investing in Costa Rica.

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