Egg Me! Itlogin mo Ko!

I kinda like Yahoo news coz they never give you front page material. They probably know, these things belong to CNN or FOX (depending if you’re democrat or republican). For those who do not know FOX News is, based on personal opinion, too white. Even Michelle Malkin acts too white. They’re all nuts out there.

Anyway.. an odd Yahoo news caught my eye today about a guy who allowed his Hummer, valued at close to $50,000, to be egged by angry people, those who have been dying to egg a hummer for the longest time without having to worry about going to jail.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Hummer owner in Russia’s second city St. Petersburg has given antiglobalists the green light to pelt his oversized vehicle with rotten eggs, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday.

“Peter Antiglobalist” activists told news agency RIA they found a driver willing to let them express their dissatisfaction with consumerism by throwing things at his luxury sport utility vehicle, a spokesman said.

In my opinion, it’s a case of conioness, a guy wanting to reach foreign media and for the whole world to say, “this guy’s the epitome of capitalism.” That goes both ways – coz, one that’s the reason why he’s doing it but two, he’s not poor yet. So really what this is is just a anger management treatment plan for commoners like us to have a field day getting back at those who rip money off of us.. or at least, their car.

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