Like Craigslist, only Better

Once in awhile, I do get the chance to critique a website that’s looking to be successful. Today, I’d put in that list – a website where everyone could place Free Ads. The immediate thing you get from looking at it is that it looks like an improved theme of ..that is, a Free Advertising site. I kinda like that they did that because it makes people understand the website instantly. I mean, if I were the owner of that site, that’s probably the best way to make sure people come back – that is, to make a site that’s a little like the mainstream, but better. Certainly creates the comparison with other Classified Ads sites.. which I think triumphs at.

I say this because everything you need is at the front page – the normal menu bar and sign up/log in links, a small line that say “100% free advertising,” a welcome note, a nicely designed search query – you’ve get everything you need at first sight of the page. I only base myself on three things when reviewing a site. That is design, navigability and content. All this have been met with great comprehensiveness if you ask me. If you’re asking about the content, well you’ll have to search among the different categories and see if you find what your looking for there instead of Craigslist. I’d prefer that site over it.

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