Planning the Blog Year

I was chilling offline, hounded by the busy season. But now that people are going back to their stingy ways, the blogosphere awaits. I ate alot during Christmas and gained 5 pounds. I am bigger now, that calls for me to be more active. So on the first day of the first hour of the year, I am back, laying out what’s in store from your Philosophical Bastard this 2008.

Featured Articles
Let’s face it, I’m retarded. I act however I want at a moments calling. My blog is a testament to this. This year I shall publish 3-5 articles once a week, like those online magazines. A quality control strategy so I’ll be able to plan articles ahead, have more time reading other blogs, have extra time with my other corrupt endeavors, write business posts without fully giving up being alien, and eliminate scrolling for readable topics. These Featured articles are there on the homepage in their Bastard glory!

As far as topics are concerned, I will focus on society, blogging and the pinoy blogosophere but expect me to throw in some literature and personal posts as well.

Notice my Cbox
The chat box was always an indication of unprofessionality among those conio-yucky-uppity bloggers. I do not want to be perceived as one of them. But in keeping my cbox, I will have to endure spam and bad messages; something I despise. That’s why I bought the premium membership. A practical investment, I think, for $20/year.

Yay WordPress!
I’ve been here for two months and have only began enjoying myself right now. The best thing about being in wordpress is that I can now have those threaded comments that I’ve wished Blogger to have since.. uhm.. the dawn of time! I think it’s just better here because it has that air of something paid. haha! Mine’s free though.. thanks to Jehzeel.

I’m putting up other blogs but I’m fixed on using to connect with Filipino bloggers. I once promised to go out and look for the coolest pinoy blogs out there and haven’t really had the time to do that these past months. Hopefully this year would be different. The protocols I’ve imposed certainly allows me to do that.

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging to Everyone!

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