Romeo and Juliet c.2008.

I dont usually recommend music videos to my audience. As far as I’m concerned this blog is deep and sophisticated and should forego the mainstream in favor of the artsy-fartsy. Then again, with Urbandub’s new video, I might consider a compromise.

The new generation might compare it to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” because of the brutality of how the main characters treat each other. But I don’t take these two to be married, plus Mr. and Mrs. Smith was a popcorn movie. So let’s go for the more classier comparison – Romeo and Juliet! It’s brutal, it’s lovely, and they died in the end. Lolz!

The song is called Guillotine by Urbandub. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet c.2008.

  1. No surprise there, since most of Urbandub’s music videos dating all the way back from 2003 are really swell, too.

    Anyhoo, I’m back! But I kind of like, moved! So, um, yeah, is no more! Here’s my new URL:

    See ya around! ;-p

  2. The thing I noticed about Filipino music videos of rock bands is that they use the same brownish color tone for their background, shadow the edges and sudden flashes.
    All hope is gone. Sink and gasp for breath. She’s with someone new. If I had a nickle everytime I heard those.
    I didn’t think of the smiths and romeo and juliet thing interesting you pointed that out.

  3. speechless over your recent entries. just letting you know im reading around. hell.. im definitely senseless lately. harhar… i see… so this is an okay music pala? no wonder i have it in my player. harhar… 😛

    *paramdam, paramdam*

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