Sanctuario de San Problogging

Problogging articles take a different toll when it comes to my conio readers’ perceptions – some just skip it, others condemn the blog outright. It’s partly because of culture; our Spanish forefathers taught us not to talk about money while eating, sexing and, yes, blogging. Good thing my forefathers were Portugese!


  • It wasn’t just the Spanish who were in the Philippines.
  • Magellan was Portugese, my lineage is Portugese (ah. the plot continues.)
  • A Filipino named Enrique was on Magellan’s voyage which makes him, technically, the first man to circumnavigate the world.
  • Rumors has it that Enrique was, in fact, a woman – a concubine of Magellan whom he brought on board as a man because of the myth that whoever brings a woman on a voyage will die before he comes back to Spain. Which also means that he may have fathered a Filipino before he died.
  • And last but not least, I am also living proof that not all mestizos have straight noses…

This makes for a good movie. Plus the clues are everywhere, like the anagram I saw inscribed in cement across the Manila Cathedral: DEMON PALOOZA

Anyway.. in the name of grandpa Ferdinand, I felt I should lead people into discovering a new world called Problogging. I have a domain hanging on my GoDaddy account so I think I should make it more productive. It’s at

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