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When you think about the fact that the holidays have ended, it seems we are less expectant to getting something that’s free. So I thought I’d share with you that you can get free online coupons From CouponJelly, a website that allows you the best deals on almost everything with the coupons they have on their site. They’ve got coupons from the best brands in the market including American Blinds, Baby Phat and Best Buy, to name a few. Plus, they’ve got categories of all kinds – from Art and Antiques, Baby and Maternity, Flowers, Gifts and Gourmet, even Music – so be sure to check them out before dropping by the store. Who knows you might be able to save some bucks.

As far as the website is concerned, I found it to be refreshing. It was already good enough that they had a website that allowed you to get some products at a lower cost, more so that they looked professional about it. As a web designer, I am often reminded that a homepage is a site’s face to the world and should therefore look its best. CouponJelly is this site. I also found the site easy to navigate and, of course, content wise, they’re very comprehensive. They have a search feature that allows you to search by ‘store’ or by ‘coupon’ and I’m sure that’s something their consumers will want to use. They also have a help page and a ‘deal alert’ feature you can subscribe so they can send you the coolest, hottest deals in the market right now.

Overall, I think CouponJelly is a cool site people should check out.

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