Wanted: Army for World Domination

I was running around the internet this passed week (coz ’twas my new years resolution) and I’ve noticed some new cool blogs. Then I had an epiphany ..what if I put up a blogging circle with a purpose of helping each one gain wider readership:

At ano nanaman ‘tong pakulo ni Paolo?

  1. There has to be a formal blogging community – with defined members.
  2. A link list on the side bar of every participating blog containing links of all member blogs
  3. Join every mybloglog community, be a fan of technorati, and subscribe to feed
  4. Every week, a member of the circle will give me a link of their most interesting article
  5. Members will then have the whole week to digg and stumbleupon the article
  6. Participating blogs can copy the list every week and promote it in their blogs to improve members blog’s linkage.

At bakit naman..

  1. It’s a good way for those outside the country (like me) to get a sense of community. Or at least to participate.
  2. It will allow bloggers, especially the good ones, to reach out to a wider local (filipino) audience.
  3. By being Digged and Stumbled, we are able to reach out to an even wider audience… international! Lolz!
  4. Improves linkage.
  5. Makes me the famous asshole who thought about it.


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