Adres Chapter 1

The sky glimmered with a blizzard of meteors and the kingdom stood up in awe.

South of the Adres, the dark queen Anne pushed her prophets to foretell a rain of wrath coming upon her kingdom. In the east, the escaped Princess Yehr finds an unconscious man on the edge of her cliffside shanty. Up north, in the forests of the Strallis, the Lycan king calls upon his minions to journey west and find this omen.

But where the townsfolk continue to question the heavens and its foreshadowing, the witch Dirah lay but a day far from fulfilling a five hundred year prophecy. Giddy, she’s already delighted by the scent of a rare delicacy – Humans.

4 thoughts on “Adres Chapter 1

  1. There’s no sense in using too much brain cells for something that Rowling gets paid to do. So i’m inventing a new trend – short, concise literature… like prose haikus. Lolz!

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