Chronicles of Blogaria!

Less than a year after taking on the world of blogging, since March 3, 2007, I think I’ve grown mature in this journey. I may actually be proof that this industry could indeed take you out of your day job, or at least pay some bills.

I had been blogging since 2005, in Friendster. I had work then so, for me, it was just a hobby thing.

In 2006 though, after quitting work, I had a lot of time in my hands and decided to create a podcast. That short-lived gig taught me a lot about how much work was necessary for these things to work. Back then I already met Jigs, Utakgago, Juice and Rens ( I met others but I couldn’t remember… sorry po.) That was also the time I signed up for Google Adsense, but I barely earned from it.

I stopped podcasting after that summer because I found a new job.

On February 2007, deciding to drop by the blogosphere again, I caught Utakgago in the chats and learned of how much blogging boomed in the months of my absence. Being the nosy bastard that I was, I dropped by one blog after another and earned inspiration on the way. I chose the name Philosophical Bastard because, well, I didn’t know whether my blog was gonna be deep or deluded. (Of course now that’s not something still in question).

By May of 2007, I’d say I was still enjoying the blogosphere. It was during this time that I bought the domain Wala lang… sharing lang. There were not many fights, especially not involving adults. Though that too convincingly changed in the following months.

Tita Janette Toral’s writing project, The Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007, was probably a defining moment for much of the blogosphere (but it depends on who you ask. Lolz!). The greatest benefit for me was being able to rub elbows, though far, with fellow bloggers.

After the event, I instantly had a foray of html-savvy friends – Jehzeel Laurente, Pinoyblogero, Dan Hellbound and BatangYagit etc. – all younger than I am (Fuck, everyone’s younger than I am!) – who would guide my escape from the Blogger Monster and into the loving arms of the dark side, WordPress. But it was Andrew de la Serna who would give me the greatest advise of all – to have my ads taken down JehzLau’s pages or be penalized by Google. It was also Drew who told me that reviewing is indeed a viable source of cash (like most of you I was a skeptic).

In October 2007, having split my blog into two – wordpress and blogger – I also successfully split my audience. I though of it as an opportune time to love money and plunge into the review scene.

Pagerank was of less value to me than other people, so, knowing it would eventually be penalized, I thought of extracting as much from it in the months that followed. I bought hosting with the money I got as well as a whole bunch of domains. I was also able to put up other blogs and began a Ning social network,, in December 17, 2007.

Three months after predicting a penalty (which I thought would put me down to a PR2), all my pagerank vanished into thin air and was taken out of the search engines (well, not really.. it’s there but far, far, far from the front page). But that’s not stopping a guy who types 68 words per minute, does it?

My falling out with could not have come in a time more fitting. I actually hated writing reviews here… If I were to go back, I wouldn’t have applied this blog for reviews simply because this has my whole name on it, and you cannot deny, reviewing does have a weird effect on blogs… <whispers> it makes them look cheap =P </whispers>.

From then, I’d say my bloglife and earnings became horizontal. I earn more from Adsense in and, I make money from reviews with this blog, another blog, and another other blog. I’m also earning from updating other people’s blogs but that’s something I shouldn’t talk about or I might get sued (secrecy, y’know… hail ghost writing!)

Of course, that’s not to say I’m settling down. This month, I put up two other blogs: The first one, Yellowmidnight, is exclusively for fiction writing. You see, when you’re forced to write 10 articles a day to earn money, you’d kinda get into that escapist mood. I may not be much of a writer but I dont want my epitaph to say “the guy who wrote reviews.” Plus, fiction writing entitles me to write Xerex-type stories (yaoi, anyone?! :P). My second blog is really just another Adsense leech.

Updating them hasn’t yet been a problem for me. Niche blogs are already quite easy to update because your material already exists; twice a week and you’re done. For review blogs, well, I only write when I have an opportunity. As far as the social network is concerned, it’s not as successful as I hoped it would be but I think that’s because my focus is divided. For as long as it thrives on $4.99/mo., I really dont mind keeping it.

By the end of the year I hope to have a Website… like, something people go to without me having to tell them. My “crystal balls” predict that anything well marketed, that offers something unique, and allows people to network, will eventually succeed. What that is though, remains to be seen.

Happy New Year to All!!!

I’m not Chinese but I love Jackie Chan

6 thoughts on “Chronicles of Blogaria!

  1. hahahaha! di ka ma pepenalize kahit di mo tinanggal yung ads.. tingnan mo yung ads na naka display sa blog ko.. hindi na pepenalize.. ^_^

    whew! ang haba para akong nag basa ng isang history book 🙂 pero ok ah.. parang ang bilis ng panahon no? 😀 weeeeeeeee!

  2. Great historical account of your blog life. Yellowmidnight sounds and looks cool. At the end you always look back and always feel everything was worth it or it couldn’t have happened in any other way.

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