Hi! I’m A Mac. And You’re a PC!

Because I’m not exactly the type who gets aroused by cool people, I don’t really try to blend with image-mongers. However, since more than half of my life is now spent online, and especially because I am earning in it, today, I decided to join the mac guy in his PC sympathy.I woke up around 9am intending to ruin my credit with that 1,799.00 MacBook Air. Somehow, irregardless of specs which I don’t really understand – and neglect to understand – I thought of buying one (Because it’s thin! Yay for honesty!). But then, after skipping sold out stores, I realized that the only way for me to get myself that darned laptop was to backo rder it for two weeks, or storm down an Apple store.Now… the problem with the nearby Apple store is that it’s an hour away (without traffic). So, with gas prices soaring, a society in recession, and a credit I’m already having second thoughts in using, dropping down was a definite no-no.

Coming home defeated, I decided to drop down the internet (on a PC.. teehee!) to check on this illusive high-tech specie.

The reviews didn’t look good…

So it seems this MacBook Air doesn’t really boast anything other than it’s millimetric aura. For its price, the geek consensus has only been that it’s not anywhere near other Mac’s – not even those that are cheaper. There’s also all sorts of things to download and do before you can actually brag about being a Non-PC.

Frankly I wouldn’t really know the difference because it would’ve been my first Mac. I dont think reading not-so-good reviews about it diminishes it’s cool factor (coz, heck, who reads reviews anyway). But I’ve already been thrown aback. At least, until I can afford to pay in cash.

3 thoughts on “Hi! I’m A Mac. And You’re a PC!

  1. being seduced by the dark side eh? don’t give in …

    wala lang i don’t like macs simply because it doesn’t like to give/share anything for free … and then there’s the upgrade issue.

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