Hey minions, check these guys out! The California sun likes this kind of music – kinda reminds you of Yellowcard too with the violin. I guess this was a proposed graduation song from batch 08 of my alma mater. I dont really know what you’ll make of it.. but I like it. I say, skip the Simon Cowell Syndrome and enjoy the music. Lyrics below.

Music by: JC Pilapil
Lyrics by: Alec Uy

As the time goes passing by
We all know this is goodbye
Gone like ashes blown away
And as the summer turns to fall
We look back and we recall
Joys and tears along the way

But this is not the end
Don’t worry about it friend
We don’t need to frown, to fret
Lament and break and bend
‘Coz our paths are bound to meet again

Just keep that smile upon your face
Sit back, relax, enjoy your days
‘Coz five, ten, twenty years from now
We’ll see each other again somehow
And though we are two worlds apart
It’s not the end, it’s just the start
A new beginning will UNFOLD
The greatest story ever told

Seasons change like people do
Time waits not for me and you
The clock is ticking, twilight’s near
So come with me and take my hand
The hourglass – busy, shifting sand
We are here, no need to fear

3 thoughts on “Unfold

  1. ganda ah! couldn’t understand the vocalist… buti na lang may lyrics dito. yabang ng lead guitar! hahaha! the violin really gave a huge impression. hmmm… di nga catchy cya… 😀

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