I Wanna Wring His Neck

There’s something oddly wrong about the title, at least as a statement, and at least in the manner that I encountered it this morning. It came from a guy who sent it to a girl being harassed online, so, my take on it is, that it was only used for the machismo. This statement was also made through an e-mail, so you can tell no wringing of the neck would ever take place.

But where everyone is entitled to their angsts, for me using the word ‘wring‘ only makes one less worthy of it.

To put it in perspective, ‘wring‘ is not an abnormal word for me, but in the instance that you’re called upon to be Prince Charming, when a word has similar meanings as break, twist, wreck, choke and strangle, lame-ass words will do.

And I know… some people are just born with the innate ability to use words that profoundly describe moments or convey emotions, and wringing of necks aren’t at all alien, and conio people abound everywhere; still, using that word wont bring you anywhere near impressive.

At any rate, I think the only thing this statement does is commit you to the word. Now everyone’s waiting for you to do exactly as you described. Unfortunately, it’s false arrogance.

Lesson in the Animal Kingdom: When faced with a tiger, protect your head before your body.

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