St. Thomas Real Estate

REMAX has always been a trusted name in United States real estate. So when they tell you there’s a great opportunity in St Thomas Real Estate, you better believe it. A broker, Rosemary Sauter, even wrote on their website that “no one sells more homes, villas and condos in the US Virgin islands, including St Thomas, St John, and St. Croix, than REMAX Dream Properties.” So I think it’s safe to say that owning a piece of paradise is indeed not so far away and you begin this by checking out their website:

The website isn’t in the nicest colors – it’s probably aqua, or light blue-green. Nonetheless, it doesn’t really connote their promotion of paradise. I also have my reservations about the main page. You see, as I checked out some of the links in the site, such as the About page, I didn’t realize that it was already showing up below the page, which might confuse some of their visitors. I also found their galleries not to match the color of their welcome page. This tends to confuse visitors because they don’t know if they’ve been sent to a new website. Nonetheless, these are minor web development problems that are certainly overshadowed by the content of the site.

It is, of course, a real estate website which means they’re gonna sell you property. And boy do they give you a good gallery. It’s almost eye candy to me and I just couldn’t stop browsing. I myself have dreams of owning a piece of paradise someday so I’ll certainly keep a tab of this site.