All That Talk About Recession

If there was only a time machine to put things back as they were 10 years ago – bright, wonderful, promising – people would’ve probably jumped into it. Sadly, there’s none.

On the onset of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America allowed its banks to give sub prime loans in order to boost the economy. A move that is now starting to backfire. There is also that problem of oil that has surged to unimaginable amounts this year. Both of these brought a downing value to the dollar which affect people’s spending.

The next forecast is that, once spending declines, businesses will close, people will lose their jobs, many will get hungry. The rich will become the middle class, the middle class will become poor, the poor will die.

Oh yeah, the less graphic way to describe it would be Recession. And where companies have already announced layoffs all over the country, there’s no question when it will happen. It’s already happening.

The problem therefore is, how can you be unaffected by this dwindling economy? Well, there’s not much I could say. Perhaps the only glimmer of light I could tell you is that recession does eliminate the competition, so where everyone is dead and you’re smart, you might actually still succeed.

On a less morbid advise though, you can probably start by asking yourself how secure you are with your job? What other means of income do you have? Did you kiss your boss’ ass lately? What can you do behind his back to rip him off? Why is the employee of the month still alive, maybe he should lose a leg.


Ok. I shut up now.