YouTube to Mainstream – A Role Reversal

Over the past year, we’ve seen people jump to internet stardom from being a nobody. Charice Pempengco certainly got this as a jumpstart to what is now a budding “international” career. Same thing from Happyslip who got the eye of everyone after spoofing then internet controversy Lonelygirl15. And of course there’s our Cebuano inmates dancing to the tune of Thriller. If you cant Renaldo Lapuz, I’d say he’s downright the Filipino YouTube star of the year.

But all this just makes for another budding trend – if YouTube can make stars out of people, imagine what it could do for advertising. Larger companies are now going into the YouTube, home video style strategy in order to catch their audience.

Today, a video with Lisa Loeb singing in an Ikea store has been featured on YouTube.

Barely 2 weeks ago, a video was released as clues to Cloverfield to market the upcoming movie:

There are other videos like this but I do not want to promote all of them. At least these ones are worth watching.