Barack vs Hillary

The Clinton strategy was clear: To murder Barack Obama in South Carolina, a predominantly Black populace, Hilary should create a diversion through taunting and false allegations while Bill goes behind him and slits his throat. Unfortunately for them, Barack was prepared.

This was the diversion: Hillary threw a slight jab at Barack saying he supported the ideas of Ronal Raegan, who of course was Republican, and Barack clarified it by saying he respected Raegan for being able to get Democrats to their Party, but opposed his ideas – of globalization, off shore employment (basically all the republican capitalism we already know). Barack went on to say that Hillary was on the Walmart board as he rallied against Raegan’s ideals.

The second bitch-slap came when Barack implied that he was also running against Bill Clinton who was, as the South Carolina campaign moved on, throwing a much publicized smear campaign against Barack:
Now, we all know that Bill Clinton is a respectable figure in politics. Certainly an asset who could still get the front page. But when you have him dozing off at church preaching about Martin Luther King, that kinda dwindles the respectability factor. Lolz!
Back to Barack: In the second part of the debate, which was more informal and supposedly more evil, Barack was asked if Bill Clinton was the “first black president” for his support of the Black community (which is why he is the best person to create that smear campaign):
Now, let us remember, there is that guy John Edwards who certainly looked magnanimous in the onset of the bickering. But he’s always prim and proper I can’t exactly say I see a president who’s “for the people.”
We’ll see the results of last nights debate this Saturday.